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Our Mission

To help entrepreneurs, creators and decision makers to compete in their market, increase revenue while maintaining desirable profit margins.

The Love Naturally Process

Our Core Value is “LOVE”

Due to this innate value, our retail partners are the heart of our organization. We are driven to find solutions and it is due to this value we are able to translate complex messages with simplicity and clarity.

The Love naturally process, also allows us to identify your unique proposition and encourages us to dive deeper, to learn more about you, hear your story, write your story and tell your story.

Natural Diamond Jewelry


We are putting our money where our mouth is.

Are you looking to freshen up your diamond basics?


1. Receive 6 Equal Payments when you purchase any Diamond Basic Program from Veer. (Subject to credit approval)

2. Money Back Guarantee comes into effect after all 6 payments have been made on time.

3. If you do not turn 50% of your dollars invested with VEER within 11 months of delivery, VEER will issue a check for the unsold inventory. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

4. Product should be offered at VEER suggested retail pricing. 

5. “Fill Ins makes the Killins” Re-orders on sold items should be placed immediately with our “never out” service.

6. Special Order and Re-Orders will be considered as part of the 50% ROI.

7. Special Orders are final sale.

8. Displays Offered.

9. If original order is returned, it should be returned in original and unaltered condition with displays.

10. Credit/Check will be issued 30 days after receipt of items.


VEER® Publishes Unfiltered True Stories of Successful Selling in a trade book, Comfort Zone Correction, written by author Emily Horabik.

VEER® believes in a solution driven approach and published this book to address critical factors that every independent business faces in their journey as they grow and face unforeseen events.

The book revolves around Mr. Brown and his adventures. The lessons shared in this book, underscore many of the real truths to long term success in sales in any industry. Honesty, Integrity, Customer Service, Hard Work, Perseverance, AND willing to take risks outside your comfort zone are clearly crucial elements in professional success 

Get your copy today through Amazon. It is available in a paperback version for $14.99 and $4.99 on Kindle For Corporate order pleases fill out the form below. 


Our Programs


What people say about us?

I have had the pleasure of working with Kaushal Shah from Veer for several years. When considering a vendor, we look to partner with companies that can provide a consistent fairly priced product. Veer excels with fine product at a fair price. As well as outstanding customer service. I highly recommend you consider Veer when evaluating your diamond basic stock needs.
Brad Gough
Bradley Gough Diamonds, Fort Wayne, IN
“I have known and worked with Kaushal for about 10 years. When he made the decision to start his own company, we spent many hours sharing what needed to be done to make ‘Veer’ different, special, and important to the retailer and not just another diamond company. His basic programs work and are priced correctly to sell at a very competitive retail, maintaining a good margin. Kaushal’s creative mind is always working and coming up with new ideas that are amazing and not just another piece of jewelry. The most important thing we discussed in his start up business is “Never over promise and under deliver.” Go see Kaushal and Veer. It will be one of the best investments of time and money you will make.”
Randy Johnson
Johnson Jewelers, El Paso, TX
“Kaushal has worked with Siebke Hoyt for over 8 years. He understand our needs as we have a Jared in the next parking lot. His diamond stud program and anniversary band programs are priced right and continues to allow us to be market leaders in Cedar Rapids. He is prompt, has items in stock and consistent. I would highly recommend Kaushal and VEER for your diamond basic needs.”
Jay Hoyt
Siebke Hoyt Jewelers, Cedar Rapids, IA
“We thoroughly enjoy doing business with Kaushal. He is full of energy (as anyone who has met him knows) and he seems to truly cares about helping the independent retailer. We’ve had good success with his “Happy Diamond” rings. Great guy!”
Jesse Bridges
Traditional Jewelers, Biloxi, MS
“We have always loved working with Veer. They carry program items as well as imaginative and inspiring pieces. Kaushal’s passion for diamonds and jewelry is contagious. He is proud of his company and his product. You can count on him to stand behind it completely.”
Michelle Turner Ganz
CEO – Dean’s Jewelry
The kindest people in our industry work here. Kaushal is family to me. We are so confident when it comes to their amazing jewelry and diamonds that we always go to them first. They have the best prices and best best customer service
Ally Viau
Nyman Jewelers. Escanaba MI
via Facebook
I like doing business with good people like Kaushal and the folks at Veer, and will gladly continue to do so. Good prices on good products, backed by good people.
Ron Reed
Reed and Sons Sedalia, MO
via Facebook
"The nicest people ! We have known Kaushal Shah for over 10 years, and he is a "gem" of a person."
Mark Wellman Clodius
Clodius and Co, Rockford IL
via Facebook
Love them! The customer service is wonderful and the product is consistent.
Kelli Mayfield
Wirts Jewelers, Little Rock AR.
via Facebook
Veer has beautiful AND well made jewelry! Lovely people to work with! ♡♡♡
Glenda Hurt
Goldsmith Gallery Red Oak IA
via Facebook
Excellent service and great values! I support Kaushal and endorse Veer fully.
Tim & Sharon Ell
Zorells Jewelry Bismarck ND
via Facebook


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